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Goldcoin GoldCoin (GLD) - an improved version of Litecoin using scrypt as a proof of work scheme.

2.5 minute block targets up till block 45000
2 minute block targets there after
504 blocks per difficulty retarget up to block 45000
60 blocks per difficulty retarget thereafter
Block rewards in order:

200 Block @ 10000 GLD
2000 Blocks @ 1000 GLD
42800 Blocks @ 500 GLD
(The values below are post-fork in development/dispute values)
The Block reward drops to 45 GLD
Reward for the years thereafter is 50 divided by (1.1 + 0.49*every year after fork)
Total Reward Blocks: 26,325,000
Total Coins Produced: 123,423,900 (including 50 coin 0th block)
The default ports are 8121 (connect) and 8122 (fson rpc)

Information Goldcoin Scorecard

Merchants No
Audited No
Website Yes
Facebook Yes
Coin Market Cap Yes
CoinWarz Yes
CoinGecko Yes

Total 44%
Please invest at your own risk

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Information Information

Launched: Wednesday, 15 May 2013
Hash Algorithm: SHA-256
Symbol: GLD
Block Time: 120
Scheme: Proof-of-Work

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Extra information Extra information & Specifications

Specifications: Blocks 1 – 200 = 10,000 GLD
Blocks 201 – 2,000 = 1,000 GLD
Blocks 2,001 – 44,999 = 500 GLD
Starting Block 45,000 rewards drops to 45 GLD
Reward is then reduced each year using the following formula: 50 divided by (1.1 + 0.49*every year thereafter)

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