Listings in Directory is a virtual exchange platform that permits its users to carry out secure trading operations with cryptocurrency, offers a… read more
The remaining balances have been removed from the site by users. We have located the real identity of the user… read more
DXMarkets offers a professional trading platform for digital currencies. Customers can buy and sell Bitcoin and other digital currencies online.… read more
DGEX is the first and largest cryptocurrency exchange serving the NXT community. They are also one of the largest Bitcoin… read more
We are a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and engineers that are passionate about the future of Bitcoin and crypto-currency.… read more
Coins-E is a digital currency exchange platform, providing the easiest method to trade between the latest crypto currencies. read more
Launched in January of 2014, is a crypto currency exchange that is based in the United States. We have… read more
Coi.Mx was established in early 2013, with 7 members and by October of 2013 has grown because of the digital… read more
CoinMate was born out of a marriage between a dedicated team of software developers and a group of top-notch economists… read more
Coinfloor is a London based compliant and secure bitcoin exchange. Coinfloor’s high precision trade engine can facilitate over 10,000 trades… read more
Built upon the-best-of-the-breed technologies in today's financial world, is a platform made specifically for trading crypto currencies with the… read more
CleverCoin is a bitcoin exchange based in the Netherlands. CleverCoin wants to stimulate the growth of bitcoin and make it… read more
Established in 2013, it has become a multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange, trusted by over 250,000 users. CEX.IO is brought brought by… read more
CCEDK is a trading name of CCEDK / Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark. CCEDK is an online digital currency exchange offering… read more is a place for those in crypto-currency (i.e. Bitcoin) community and those interested in getting involved with crypto-currency community… read more
CAVIRTEX stands for Canadian Virtual Exchange. We are Canada's first Bitcoin trading market that allows you to buy and sell… read more
CampBX is a platform where you can buy and sell Bitcoins in real-time from other CampBX users. Your buy or… read more
BX-Thailand Exchange is operated by Bitcoin Co. Ltd., a Thai registered company since 2013 read more
Bit children ( Bitcoin trading platform by the Jinan Manwei Information Technology Co., Ltd. (2012 registered Chinese foreign-owned enterprises) operations,… read more
BTCXIndia is the first Bitcoin exchange in India offering a secure, real time trading platform, following KYC- and AML-guidelines, and… read more
BTCXchange is the first Romanian Bitcoin Exchange trading platform. Through us, people from Romania and around the world can buy… read more
BTC Turk is Turkey’s first Turkish lira to bitcoin exchange. read more
BTC Markets is a Bitcoin exchange company based in Melbourne, Australia. BTC Markets offer a secure and reliable trading platform… read more
BTC China is based in Shanghai. It was the China's first Bitcoin exchange, and most of its customers are thought… read more
BTC100 is a Bitcoin currency trading platform (, the Science and Technology Co Ltd, ZhengzhouBit have been in development and… read more
Btc38 is one of largest Altcoin exchange in the world. It was built on Aug.22 2013. Btc38 have the professional… read more
On the one-year anniversary of Huobi, was launched. BitYes is an international exchange platform for trading bitcoin, litecoin, and… read more
BitX provides secure digital wallets and exchanges making it easy to store, spend, receive, buy and sell Bitcoin. Crypto-currencies like… read more
Bittylicious is a site selling Bitcoins primarily for UK bank transfers and UK and Europe credit cards. New methods and… read more
Built and operated in the United States, Bittrex is the next generation crypto trading platform created by security professionals. They… read more
Bitspark was founded in April 2014 in Hong Kong with the vision of being the largest, most well featured and… read more is the first Bitcoin exchange platform based in Puebla, Mexico that facilitates the use of Bitcoin as a mechanism… read more
BitsharesX is a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation that allows you to trade, sell or buy virtual assets that track the value… read more
The service is run by DRAXIS sp. The website was created to facilitate the exchange of virtual exchange between users.… read more
Bitonic started by three high-school friends as bitcoin Dutch company. Bitonic has been active since May 2012 and already sold… read more
At bitNZ you can buy Bitcoins (trade NZD for BTC) or sell Bitcoins (trade BTC for NZD). For any trade… read more
BitKonan are a team of professional software developers, traders and venture capital investors dedicated to bring higher standards into Bitcoin… read more
We are the union of experts from the financial world and the tech world with over fifteen years of experience.… read more


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