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Blockchain Blockchain is the world's most popular bitcoin wallet.

Blockchain was founded in August 2011 by Ben Reeves, a developer from the United Kingdom. The site began as a Blockchain explorer intended to make it easier for Bitcoin users to study transactions and analyze the bitcoin economy. Shortly after, Blockchain Wallet was launched, the first client side JavaScript bitcoin wallet providing a secure and convenient way to store and use bitcoins.

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Other Features

  • Client Side Encryption
  • Up to 1000 Bitcoin addresses
  • View Transactions and balances
  • Watch Only Addresses
  • Paper Wallet support
  • Coin Control
  • Multi Recipient Transactions
  • Paper Wallet / Export as PDF
  • Export keys as JSON
  • Import private keys Base58, Base64, Hex, Sipa Wallet Format and Mini Key Format.
  • Live Updating Interface
  • Payment Notifications via Skype, Email, Google Talk and HTTP Post
  • Offline Transactions
  • Two factor authentication

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