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Join us in the beautiful resort city of Batumi Georgia for an incredible finance and technology event. Enjoy headline speeches from some of the leading thinkers and innovators in digital currency, blockchain development, banking, finance, commerce, and legislation. But if you are only looking for speeches, you have come to the wrong place. Alt Convention is more about workshops and roundtables, with this year's focus on digital currency and blockchain.

Join developers, entrepreneurs, traders, and business professionals as you get hands on training from leading providers of FinTech solutions. Learn to develop blockchain services on platforms such as CounterParty, Ascribe, Gem, and more. Learn trading strategies and techniques from Kraken, Coinsetter, and more. Learn how to implement cutting-edge banking and payment processes into your existing business, website, or casino. Or, get a general education in blockchain, digital currency, and future banking and finance concepts.

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