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Digital Economy Conference Digital Economy Conference

Digital Economy is the largest dedicated FinTech conference in the Silicon Prairie. Omaha, Nebraska – a city with a long history as a finance hub and regional industry leader – will serve as host of this inaugural event.

Why attend?
On October 2nd, the largest FinTech conference in the Silicon Prairie will kick off in Omaha, Nebraska. National speakers will share their insights with programmers, bankers, accountants, vendors and service providers from across the Midwest. Topics will range from learning to sell into financial institutions, the current regulatory and political landscape, how to better meet customer demand, just to name a few.

As an attendee, you will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other financial industry innovators and disruptors. Gain exposure for your brand and products while meeting potential vendors, buyers, investors and mentors, and hear from CEO's of companies making a national impact – both on and off stage.

Who will be there?
• Bankers
• App Developers
• Venture Capitalists
• C-Level Executives
• Incubators/Accelerators
• Service Providers
• Startups

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