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Ozco What makes ozcoin.net the first choice for Bitcoin Mining?

- Double Geometric Payout Method 1% Fee
- Stratum mining protocol with Variable Difficulty
- Transaction fees included in block rewards paid to DGM miners
- Roll Ntime support
- USA, Europe AU mining servers
- Long Polling and for getwork miners
- SSL Certificate
- Extensive Individual and and Pool Statistics
- Email notification on idle miner
- Email notification on payout
- Shoutbox
- Share validation waiting period 120 blocks
- Instant payout, pay invalids for 2%+ donors
- Automatic and full Decimal Payouts. Script runs every 30 minutes. Minimum payout threshold 0.01BTC
- Friendly active IRC channel chat.freenode.net #ozcoin or via site based Web IRC
- Awesome IRC bot with many useful commands
- IRC "Donors Lounge"
- Port80 mining all servers (useful for miners behind firewalls)
- Hall of Fame
- Ozcoin cross platform desktop widget

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