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  • We offer predictable payouts in Bitcoin. Our pool works with “Pay Per Speed” scheme (similar to “Pay Per Share”, but adopted for multialgorithm pools). So you know how much you’re going to earn today before even starting to mine.
  • Our mining software automatically switches not only to the most profitable coin, but also to the most profitable algorithm. A dozen different algorithms (X11, X13, X15, NIST5, etc…) are supported currently. The additional flexibility of switching algorithm on the fly gives our miners extra profit.
  • Our mining software is manually tweaked for the best performance possible. You no longer need to tweak various parameters and install different versions of AMD drivers. Everything works straight out of the box and it works fast!
  • We have five geographically distributed stratum pools (San Francisco, New York, Amsterdam, Paris and London) for lowest latency and extra stability.
  • We have a dedicated support portal
  • We perform payouts 3 times per day
  • We have a partner program – “WePayBTC Platform“, with ability to pay miners in ANY currency – see details.
  • We support all AMD videocards! See the full list of supported hardware here. Notice: NVidia and CPU miners are not supported.

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