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Diablominer DiabloMiner is a Java GPU bitcoin miner that uses the OpenCL framework to quickly perform the hashing computations.

Bitcoin address in the signature in the founder's page.


Newest binary (MD5 SUM: e27b993945d2b1c55bab4ff26ba7761d)



From the introductory post, to run type:

./DiabloMiner-YourOS.sh -u youruser -p yourpass

Where user and pass are the values for the rpcuser and rpcpassword configuration settings from the bitcoin.conf file located your data directory. Newer versions of DiabloMiner support a --url argument, for example:

/DiabloMiner-YourOS.sh --url http://youruser:yourpass@localhost:8332/

To run on Windows you have to do something like:

java -cp target\libs\*;target\DiabloMiner-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar -Djava.library.path=target\libs\natives\windows com.diablominer.DiabloMiner.DiabloMiner -u youruser -p yourpassword

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