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99bitcoins Hello and welcome to 99 Bitcoins. My name is Ofir, I’m 33 years old and I live in Tel Aviv, Israel. I have discovered the world of Bitcoin on April 2013 and since then have been a big supporter of the Bitcoin community.

I started this website since I saw there was no practical non technical guide for Bitcoin newbies – everything was too hard to understand. The initial website talked about how to buy Bitcoins with Paypal or with a credit card and it evolved from there on.

Since I’ve started 99 Bitcoins it has grown immensely and today we are helping more than 30,000 new Bitcoiners each month. 99 Bitcoins is the largest information source for non technical newbies – including Bitcoin Basics, Bitcoin trading tips and techniques and even information about mining Bitcoins. My main role is to coordinate our team’s efforts and write the occasional blog post.

I won’t give you my whole life story here but just so you’ll get to know me better here are a few details. In my spare time I fly helicopters, read comic books and work out. I absolutely ADORE swimming, I got into it after I suffered a back injury and couldn’t run anymore. My MacBook goes everywhere I go and it’s one of my most prized possessions (right after my girlfriend and 2 dogs).

My main interest in the Internet world is in Internet marketing and today I give talks around the world about how to market Bitcoin startups – kind of combining my two passions of Bitcoin and marketing. Aside from me there is a team of 5 freelancers that help keep 99Bitcoins active, and now it’s time for a short introduction to each of them.

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