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Bitcoin Warrior The inspiration to start Bitcoin Warrior was born out of my frustration with the corruption in the financial and political systems in America. Particularly in the wake of the financial meltdown of 2009 and the nearly complete failure of the government to prosecute or regulate those responsible, I have come to believe that we the people need to take matters back into our own hands.

After years of feeling frustrated an helpless, I became aware of Bitcoin and at once began to think that there was hope for the financial future of my family, the political future of the country, and the future of the world. of course, I don’t think that Bitcoin is any kind of panacea, but it is an instrument of disruption which will give back to the people the ability to control their own finances without the need of banks or governments. There will be a role for banks and a necessary role for governments, but anything that lets people take more control of their own destiny, I believe to be a good thing.


Seemingly quicker than expected, Bitcoin is gaining strength and momentum. By the time the government and banks get around to trying to “deal” with Bitcoin in a serious way, it may already have become an unstoppable force. There are scammers, thieves, regulatory worries, and many other things to worry about with Bitcoin, but in the long run, these concerns are likely to find solutions as some of the best and brightest around the planet are attracted to the possibilities here.

I am increasingly convinced that Bitcoin is going to succeed as a currency and a commodity. What it’s final use will be, a world currency to which national currencies are pegged, and invisible wealth transfer system used by banks and individuals alike to replace the antiquated ACH system, or something else, is not clear. But whatever it becomes, it is going to be disruptive to how things are being done right now. If the best of us have conviction and try to make that disruption a positive thing, then maybe there is hope for my children after all.

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