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Exponential Education Exponential Education was founded in February 2010 by our Executive Director Helen Gradstein. The organization initially began in collaboration with a former University of Ghana professor, Prof. Kate Adoo Adeku of the Adult Education Institute. After a few weeks planning with headmasters, teachers, students and the Ministry of Education, Exponential Education initially launched in the backyard of Prof. Kate's house with 4 high school students teaching 15 junior high school students.

Together, Exponential Education and People and Development (PAD) Associates created and continued a community based, sustainable afterschool tutorial program. Exponential Education also launched a program in Khan Market, Delhi in collaboration with the NGO Kutumb. The program was a success, proving that the model can be replicated and easily established in most countries.

Exponential Education programs continued successfully in Ghana with the help of volunteers who monitored programs in Gradstein's absence.

In 2012, Exponential Education expanded from 3 to 15 programs a year in Accra, Tafo and Abenase; Ghana.

After many successful programs, Amber Shevin joined Exponential Education as our first Operational Director in 2013, and spearheaded our new headquarters in Kumasi, Ghana. Exponential Education then partnered with institutions, governments and the Peace Corps to grow our organization and expand it to multiple areas in Ghana.

In 2013 Exponential Education re-expanded and hired new staff, including our first program associate Matt Hotmer. Together as a team, Exponential Education grew to include multiple new initiatives, infrastructure, volunteers and our social venture Expo Tutoring Center.

Today, Exponential Education is thriving. We currently have 12 staff members on the ground including our new Director of Operations Rachel Boehm and Senior Program Manager Laura Snider. Our team is spearheading major new initiatives including our Girls Leadership Program, Monitoring and Evaluation and of course continuing to expand our Exponential Education P2P programs.

To date, Exponential Education has had a total reach of over 1500 students. Our organization has given over 45 academic scholarships to students, assisted over 225 high school students to stay in school, and provided free tutoring, snacks and materials to over 1125 students.

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