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Alcurex ALCUREX is an online cryptocurrency exchange based in Finland. ALCUREX offers an expanding variety of promising alternative cryptocurrencies on three different markets.

The markets are divided to Private shares, Property, Forex group invests, Bitcoin, Litecoin and microCoin markets for variety and clarity. The Private Shares market is for trading private company shares with cryptocurrencies. The Property market is for trading all kind of real property with cryptocurrencies. The Forex market is for group trading on Forex with cryptocurrencies. Property holder, Forex account holder and Shares are registered to alcurex ltd as a property holding company and alcurex offers to sell and buy it with cryptocurrencies.

The microCoin market is an alternative market for trading cryptocurrencies with a medium-low or low price. This market is different because the traded altcoins will mainly have a higher price than MRC. Full numbers allow smaller cryptocurrencies to be traded with the same mindset as cryptocurrencies on the USD market.

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Address: Tuomiokirkonkatu 36 A

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security Security

Security of the funds deposited within is more important than anything to an exchange. This is why we have made several security measures.

Coldwallets and Hotwallets
Coldwallets and hotwallets are the exchange''s cryptocurrency funds and are divided into two part. The estimated daily volume is stored in a hotwallet that can be used for automatic deposits and withdrawals. Most of the deposited funds are transferred to a coldwallet that is an offline physical wallet only we have access to.

Hotwallet server security measures
The hotwallets used for automatic deposits and withdrawals are stored in a server without any server connections. Access from any source other than backoffice is blocked. Furthermore, the hotwallets are strongly crypted and the keys are not visible on the server.

Two-Factor (temporary random PIN-code sent by email) Authentication (2FA)
All users have 2FA enabled by default and it can not be turned off.

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