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Bitso is the first Bitcoin exchange platform based in Puebla, Mexico that facilitates the use of Bitcoin as a mechanism to improve the effectiveness of this vast economic flow to significantly reduce costs and increase the speed of transactions. We are passionate about the future of Bitcoin, Mexico and bring a strong, safe and easy to use platform for trade and remittances via this exciting new medium.

Last year, according to World Bank estimates, more than $ 483 billion USD were sent internationally through the official channels of remittances. Of which $ 351 billion going to developing countries like Mexico, India or the Philippines. The global average remittance cost is estimated at 9.3 percent of the value of the transaction: the equivalent to a current global market for just under $ 50 billion USD this year.Remittances are critical most Latin American economies, Mexico being the largest avenue of remittances worldwide. Mexicans living in the USA send nearly $ 22 billion U.S. dollars a year to their country. According to the Bank of Mexico, after oil, remittances and tourism are the major sources of revenue for the country.

Bitso build because we believe that Mexico may be leader in the financial and commercial sector if we use all the potential of decentralized currencies. The sale of Mexican Pesos per Bitcoin is the first step. We are here to help you and make your experience using Bitcoin has awesome as possible.

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Fees (%): 1.0
Address: Bitso Exchange
Bitso SAPI de CV
39 3515 West 5th Floor
Col. Las Animas
Las Animas Triangle Commercial Joint
Puebla 72400

+52 222 141 4971

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The security of your finances is our top priority. We have high security measures and best business processes to keep your assets safe. Up to 98% of the assets of our clients are stored offline, air-gapped under AES-256 encryption and distributed in different geographical locations. We also offer two-factor authentication for all accounts Bitso our site and runs entirely over SSL.

The platform is able to perform operations in microseconds and "trading" high frequency. Bitso is built on a different architecture with multiple levels of servers and firewalls.

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