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Btcxchange BTCXchange is the first Romanian Bitcoin Exchange trading platform. Through us, people from Romania and around the world can buy or sell Bitcoin in maximum safety conditions.

BTCXchange does not own Bitcoin and is not the decisive factor in the establishment of the currency daily rate, but an environment where supply meets demand - Where the Bitcoin client meets the provider.

BTCXchange therefore enables its users to exchange cash for Bitcoin and vice versa, through the deposit or withdraw services. In other words, this is the easiest way to purchase Bitcoin from a person who sells it, or sell Bitcoin to those that are interested in buying it. The contribution of BTCXchange is to provide an easy and safe environment to this commercial operation in a market-driven exchange rate.

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E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fees (%): 0.0
Address: S.C. BTC X CHANGE S.R.L.
Bihor county
Iuliu Maniu st., no. 7, appartment 1, room 3

+40) 359/418-422

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security Security

The main focus of BTCXchange is to offer and maintain the highest security for your personal informations and data. We always adopt additional precaution/security measures for our system and we constantly verify any activity that may look suspicious. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the security of the Bitcoin you store on your own computer, so it is vital that you ensure additional safety and security measures for your Bitcoin wallet. In this sense, we suggest you always use two-factor authentication and to access your account from secure equipment.

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