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Coinmate CoinMate was born out of a marriage between a dedicated team of software developers and a group of top-notch economists and traders. After securing backing from a large IT company specializing in financial software, CoinMate drew first breath in early 2014 and is already on its way to making a significant impact. Even though CoinMate is brand new, everyone involved are early Bitcoin adopters with a varied level of skills, making us uniquely qualified to enter this burgeoning space.

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Address: Business hours: Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00 GMT

Confirmo Ltd
Dept 613, 196 High Road
Wood Green
United Kingdon
N22 8HH
Company No. 09130992

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Your account is secured by a two-factor authentication, which adds an extra level security on top of your username and password. When you create an account with us, we don’t let you proceed unless you choose a secure password. We also hash passwords stored in the database and your account will never contain private data or documents.

CoinMate’s software is developed and managed by one of the most reputable banking and financial software companies. Each server is protected by SSL, firewalls, and access control. We don’t just follow the highest security standards in the industry, we raise the bar.

Every Bitcoin you deposit is put into cold storage (a wallet with no private keys). In addition, 95% of all BTC stored is held offline and distributed in multiple locations within safety deposit boxes. Our servers only contain a minimal amount of Bitcoins for instant withdrawals, thus limiting the risk and damage of large scale theft.

We ALWAYS – 100% of the time – keep your funds and Bitcoins separate from our operation accounts. We never borrow client funds for operations nor do we lend them for margin trading. Thus a “bank run” is impossible as we are always able to return all client funds at all times – period.

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