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OKCoin.com is a worldwide digital currency trading platform, OKCoin.cn is a China-focused digital currency trading platform. OKCoin.cn and OKCoin.com are two separate companies owned by the same investors. OKCoin.com is a Singapore registered company (OKCOIN PTE. LTD.). The operations and data center are located outside of China. As a result, the two platforms cannot be simultaneously operated from one account.

OKCoin was founded in 2013 and received a US$1m Angel Investment from Ventures Lab and Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Tim Draper. In December 2013, OKCoin closed a Series A round of funding in which it received US$10m(from Ceyuan and Mandra Capital). In early March 2014, OKCoin reached a BTC transaction volume of roughly 293,000 BTC and an LTC transaction volume of roughly 12.9 million LTC. This is the highest crypto-currency transaction volume that any exchange, the world over, has ever had. Our system was able to deftly handle this volume without issue. We constantly strive to provide our users with the best system, products, and services in the industry.

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E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fees (%): 0.40
Address: Yi-chuen,
Shangdi East Road,
Haidian District,
328 three-room

400-660-9037 https://www.facebook.com/OKCoinBTC

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Bank level SSL Security link - All transmitted data goes through 128 bit encryption to ensure that data is not maliciously intercepted.

Cold Storage - Except for a very small portion, all Bitcoins are stored in an offline account. When we receive your Bitcoin deposit we send it directly to our offline storage. These addresses will never be put online as to provide absolute security for customer funds.

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