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Cloud currency net is a bit Fund (BitFundPE) , a wholly -owned project , formerly known as \\\" brave Exchange\\\" , on July 1, 2013 was officially launched , and in October 8, 2013 formally launched.

Cloud coins belong to the same network using a bit brave Fund\\\'s open source project to build , in addition to the use of open source , cloud currency net first in the industry to achieve a 100 percent reserve open , all the numbers are the number of legal tender coins and open and transparent . It means that the cloud can not spend any money net absolute precipitation funds user is a trusted trading platform.

Cloud currency net uphold the \\\" open source , the sun transparent \\\" concept, providing a safe, reliable, easy to use and has a credible service platform for digital asset enthusiasts.

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Address: No. 18,
Haidian District
Suzhou Street
Block C 3A Changyuantiandi

Customer service hotline: 4008-351-183
Market Cooperation Tel: 010-53596392

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