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Cavirtex CAVIRTEX stands for Canadian Virtual Exchange. We are Canada's first Bitcoin trading market that allows you to buy and sell Bitcoins with Canadian dollars. We are continuously researching new fund transfer options for faster, easier deposits, and withdrawals with minimal fees. We hold and verify funds before orders are allowed to be placed. If you see an order to buy or sell Bitcoins on our site, you can be assured that the funds have been verified and you can accept to buy or sell at the price and quantities specified.

CAVIRTEX launched in June 2011 as Canada's first Bitcoin exchange. For three years, we've been hard at work building one of the world's safest and most reliable digital currency marketplaces. Our commitment to provide top-notch customer service is iron-clad and we go all out to earn the trust of the Canadian Bitcoin community. Our team of experts and extensive experience operating an exchange allow us to provide a safe, convenient and accessible venue to trade digital currencies. CAVIRTEX boasts Canada's best liquidity, comprehensive security measures and the most diverse and convenient funding methods in the business. All this and the peace of mind of knowing that your funds are safe and available whenever you want or need them!

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Fees (%): 0.75
Address: +1 1-888-812-2525

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security Security

SSL Encrpytion: All communication between you and our website is encrypted and protected in the same way as your online banking activities. This type of encryption is the worldwide trusted standard for secure transmission of information. HTTPS Wikipedia

Browser identification: An identification token from your browser is registered with CAVIRTEX to prevent unauthorized browsers from using your account. This token is sent to your e-mail address. An attacker would need to know your CAVIRTEX username and password as well as your e-mail address and password to compromise your account.

2 Factor Authentication: You can use a smartphone app such as google authenticator to generate a security token required for login.

No MD5s here: The MD5 hashing algorithm is known to be weak for storing password hashes. We do not use MD5 to hash your password. Nor will we be using something equivalently insecure. Even if our database was stolen, the attackers would need to decrypt your password hash.

Hourly Backups: We send encrypted backups of our entire database and live wallet keys off site to backup locations on standby. If needed, we can also rollback our database. This allows us to cancel suspicious trading activity and do our best to restore accounts and fund balances to the values prior to any attacks and resume operations with minimal downtime.

SQL injection: Our systems have been programmed to prevent SQL injections.

Outage action plan: In the unlikely event of any outage or attack, we will remain in contact with you via your registered e-mail address on your CAVIRTEX account and provide a new web address for continued operations if required. Our cold storage policy will ensure that the majority of your funds will be safe and available when we resume operations.

Trusted people and limit groups: Our admin is handled by trusted people who have been with us from the beginning. We use cold storage and admin layers to limit large transactions as well as multi-signature systems that require 4 people in separate cities to authorize large withdrawals.

Regular Security Auditing: A third party security firm regularly audits and tests our code for vulnerabilities as well as keeping up to date on the new security threats. This auditing team works with our developers implementing hot fixes and patches as necessary.

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