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Coinfloor Coinfloor is a London based compliant and secure bitcoin exchange. Coinfloor’s high precision trade engine can facilitate over 10,000 trades per second, making it the ideal platform for bitcoin liquidity. Coinfloor is registered with the HMRC as a Bureau de Change, holding us to the same compliance standards as other financial institutions in the City. We intend to bring bitcoin to the next level of professionalism by holding 100% of client funds offline and requiring multiple signatures to sign off on all client withdrawals.

Coinfloor has brought together talent and investors from the founding teams of companies such as QXL, Skype, Transferwise and Our team is devoted to lowering the cost of financial services and bringing the disruptive benefits of peer-to-peer currency to the world.

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E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fees (%): 0.38
Address: 1 Quality Court, WC2A 1HR London, United Kingdom.

Coinfloor is open for business from 9am to 5pm GMT, Monday - Friday (excluding public holidays).

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security Security

Coinfloor operates with a 100% cold storage policy. All our clients bitcoin are received, stored and sent out from within multiple underground vaults which maintain the same security standards as the Bank of England.

No bitcoin are ever stored on a server, ensuring that in the unlikely event that an attacker gains complete access to any of our online servers, our client bitcoin would not be compromised.

Our system has been built such that no single person, server, vault location or device failure could compromise the integrity of client bitcoin.

As a result of our strict security policy, bitcoin withdrawals take place 2 - 3 times a day during business hours. We believe that this slower withdrawal speed is worth the peace of mind that comes from knowing no client funds are ever accessible in a “hot” wallet.

All users are required to set up either Authy or YubiKey two-factor authentication meaning that if someone were to find out a user’s username and password they would still not be able to log into their account without the user’s mobile phone or YubiKey.

We have multiple levels of security and application separation. Starting from Web application firewalls provided by Incapsula monitoring all incoming web traffic and going through to multiple internal firewalls and security measures as well as logical and physical compartmentalisation of all key applications. Contact

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