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Coin-Swap Launched in January of 2014, is a crypto currency exchange that is based in the United States. We have built Coin-Swap with an emphasis on security, infrastructure, and support. This allows us to scale our environment and build new features to meet the continually increasing demands of our members.

Originally Coin-Swap was created so people could trade Dogecoin in a safe and secure environment without having to worry about scammers. When Dogecoin was released there wasn't a safe way to exchange coins without a great deal of risk. We came up with the idea to create an escrow service for coins so people can trade Dogecoin for other types of coins.

What started as a small project we thought we could knock out in the first week of Dogecoin release, turned into a 6 week project before we had our first trade listed. What an adventure!

Now that we have released our third iteration of the site, we are excited to provide the community with a safe and reliable way to trade crypto currency.

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