Coin promotion

After intensive research we manage to maintain a directory with the biggest bitcoin (news) websites. After several succesful coin marketing campaigns we decided to offer this service for other crypto currency's.

How do we work
We push through our Twitter contacts and partnerships in the crypto community. We post on a dozen crypto centric forums and keep it updated as news is released. We also can hit exchange chatboxes, IRC channels, and approach larger exchanges.

Creating Awareness for your coin:

Service Duration Price
Translating Announcements - 400 words
(German, French, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Finnish and Russian)
3 days USD 15,-
Posting your announcement to 45 Bitcoin forums 3 days USD 250,-
Writing a professional press message with specifications3 days USD 50,-
Posting press message to 30 Bitcoin news outlets1 week USD 100,-
Sending press message to 50 Bitcoin related websites1 week USD 100,-
Contacting our contacts at 25 Altcoin exchanges for adding your coin1 week USD 100,-

Note. We will handle all contact with the websites. You will get notified by mail (CC). However no contact details will be disclosed.
Note 2. There is not guarantee your coin/press statement will be listed or added. However our contacts with those third parties are warm and thus will it improve your chances enormously.

Creating Services for your coin:

Service Duration Price
Making a website2 weeks USD 250,-
Making a video 1 week USD 100,-
Blockexplorer with richlist 1 week USD 100,-
Faucet1 week USD 200,-
Webwallet 2 weeks USD 250,-

China promotion:

As you may know the Chinese bitcoin network is much larger then the rest of the world. Over 50% of the mining pool and bitcoin trading is controlled by the chinese.
Mining pools source | Trading volume source

Service Duration Price
Translating your announcement to Simplified Chinese 3 days USD 25,-
Posting your announcement to the BCT Chinese section 3 days USD 10,-
Contacting our contacts at 5 Chinese Altcoin exchanges1 week USD 50,-

Featured coin:

Service Duration Price
Featured coin advertisement 7 days USD 15,-

We sell adspace for the following websites - Bitcoin information - Bitcoin news - Bitcoin news - Free Bitcoins - Litecoin information

International - Dutch Bitcoin news - Dutch Bitcoin information - French Bitcoin information - German Bitcoin information
Please contact us for examples of promotional services we have done.

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