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Team of BTCGarden founded in 2013. It was set up by a bunch of young man who with strong passion in Bitcoin. 2013, Bitcoin was booming in China. The global market experienced ups and downs. By the meaning time, BTCGarden team also accumulated experience and growing fast. BTCGarden team developed the first generation chip independently. Base on the chip team produced the first generation Garden Miner. With all the experience accumulated, team setup the Garden miner and put in operating successfully. Achieved business goal without any accident.

2014, we are honored to cooperate with AM (friedcat team). BTCGarden acquired supply of latest chip technique from AM. Base on the new AM chip technique, the second generation Garden Miner is produced for sale. To serve better, we will keep subservient to the Garden spirits: Creativity, Credibility, and Promise.

Creativity—advance technique, improving efficiency, create value. Credibility—open communication, prevent accidents, spirit of cooperation. Promise—service first, quick responding, keep promises. Tough reveals perseverance, reliable reveals valuable. To BTCGarden and Bitcoin fans, 2014 is full of challenge and variety. We will make extremely efforts and practical works. Produce better products to return clients. Any communication and cooperation from all circles will be welcomed.

BTCGarden Team 2014

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