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Mountains, cows, cheese, watches and high technology: this is Switzerland, where Bitmine’s headquarters is located. A team of highly passionate and experienced professionals in IT and electronics gave birth to Bitmine AG, operating under Swiss laws in the everyday growing market of Bitcoin and related cryptocurrencies.

We have been assembling prototypes of Bitcoin miners since 2010, when GPUs used to be the best choice. Going rapidly through some FPGA mining prototypes, we are now delivering bitcoin mining devices based on Avalon’s A3256Q48 ASIC mining chip, while in the meantime our Research & Development team developed our own, next generation high performance ASIC mining chip.

We strive to provide only realistic and accurate release dates by careful planning and stocking of all the required components, an excellent users support and an over-expectations build quality of our miners, especially concerning the overall system’s stability and cooling. This can be done only because we manufacture our products here and not overseas, so we can keep under very strict control all the stages of the production.

After all, Switzerland’s reputation for punctuality is not a myth!

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