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Founded in Austin, Texas in mid-2013, CoinTerra is currently one of the fastest-growing technology startups in the world and a shining example of the leading-edge innovation and rapid development which are the cornerstone of Austin’s “Silicon Hills” technology community.

CoinTerra designs and produces best-in-class ASIC processors and systems for high-performance financial technology applications, with an initial focus on cryptocurrency, blockchain services, and network nodes in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Our state-of-the-art design methodologies and advanced architectures enable us to deliver cryptographic processing solutions with the highest performance ASICs for the lowest power and die area. We are world leaders in the fast-growing cryptocurrency mining sector with our GoldStrike™ I ASIC, which is at the heart of the TerraMiner™ IV professional Bitcoin mining device.

The key to CoinTerra’s success is its experienced management team which has assembled a world class in-house engineering department made up of top-tier semiconductor architects and designers who have previously designed some of the highest performance CPUs, GPUs, SOCs and chipsets for Apple®, Intel®, Nvidia®, Qualcomm® and Samsung®.

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