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Pro Commerce ICO? With ICO’s being the new kind of crowd funding and/or kickstarter, the amount of ICO’s launched is growing rapidly. As average Bitcoin users are not aware of the many projects, we decided to bring a very promising ICO project called PRO to the foreground. So our readers can inform themselves about the possibilities and interesting features these projects bring along.

PRO explains itself as
“PRO is social. PRO is disruptive. PRO is the FUTURE OF COMMERCE.

We all understand speculation is not enough and participation is what gives a currency long term sustainability.

At PRO we believe in the power of relationships and having the right connections inside of the e-commerce industry. PRO is creating solid relationships with businesses by offering tremendous value through educating them on the power of utilizing and accepting PRO as a form of payment.”

And when we have a closer look into PRO it does seems they will change or even more bring new users to altcoins and crypto currencies in general.

Interesting scope towards usage
PRO rather find itself rather distributing 15 billion coins instead of dividing coins into minor parts; like mbtc or even satoshi’s (which is the lowest amount of Bitcoin you can hold). In theory I like this approach since it makes more sense to buy goods and services for let’s say 20 PRO, instead of 0.00001 BTC. With the token prices starting at $ 0.025 In the first phase of the ICO, investors will get a nice discount on the actual price which will end at $ 0.04 at the end of the ICO.

Coin Back Platform
Instead of PoS which has been a very successful and rewarding scheme for many crypto currency holders. The PRO approach is different in this aspect. Users and thus holders will receive coin rebates by using the app. This approach is not new in the Altcoin scene, however being a Commerce coin, it’s imperative to attract users and reach out to the masses. Having a Coin Back Platform seems the perfect way to do that.

On one way you have the consumers who will have an incentive to use PRO since they can earn rebates as well use it in their daily shopping. But on the other hand business will likely step in and use the program to offer, a new kind of customers, a good deal on their (new) products. And thus Win Win for all parties involved.

PRO Business solutions
PRO has dedicated it’s time and resources to make businesses feel very elcome. Their marketing plan specifically targets business with 4 components which are:
  • Business Development
  • Education
  • Brand Awareness
  • Advertising

What is unique in the PR and Marketing approach is their goal and stand towards both customers and businesses. Because in the end you need businesses to accept and build applications for the PRO blockchain.

But you also need consumers to actually adopt the coin and make it an success by using it. Without the latter or the first your project and goal will some day become dust. The PRO team clearly looked thoroughly on ways to attract all parties.

ICO Roadmap
While the roadmap is put to constant change by adding new features and items, we decided to have a closer look at the ICO.

The ICO will start on Jan 18 2017 @ 23.00 UTC and will last for a period for 40 days, wherin the price of the coin will be offered at a discounted price.
Jan 18 – The price will be $0.020 per coin
Jan 20 – The price will be $0.025 per coin
Jan 25 – The price will be $0.030 per coin
Feb 03 – The price will be $0.035 per coin
Feb 15 – The price will be $0.040 per coin
Feb 27 – The ICO will end

To Pro or not to PRO?
The project scope and the execution of it seems to be realistic. With the ICO and project having several unique selling points with a team from where I believe they can executive it, I’ve decided to either way step in and hope to reap my investment in a few years after the Platform has finished. Off course make sure to inform yourself properly about the risks an ICO brings.



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