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A new exciting blockchain project is on the horizon. Meet, a full service recruitment platform build for customers and companies of all sizes and professions. Having read the project scope I can tell it’s a more then just a ‘blockchain meets recruitment’ project. A decentralized marketplace, fiat-pegging, the Project consist of very many unique elements which show a tremendous potential. With the success of both Uber and Upwork it’s not surprising that a project like this would arise, but doing it so fast makes it both ambitious and exciting.

It’s main focus is described as: “ is an ambitious and wide-ranging blockchain project, aimed at disrupting the HR/recruitment/finance industries in a similar way to how Uber disrupted the taxi business and how Upwork represented an evolution in freelancing.” . However there is much more to that,

The project consist of 2 stages wherein Stage 1 holds the most importance.
Stage 1: Labour-Hour Stable Coins
Stage 2: LaborX Decentralized marketplace

Stage 1: Labour-Hour Stable Coins
With labour being valued differently all over the world, the answer was to link average wages in host countries. The tokens will therefore hold value since they are linked to a real labor force. Which gives both professionals as recruitment firms security over their finances.

With volatility in crypto currencies in general being the main enemy of it’s own growth, since it scares both investors and minor traders, decided to fiat-peg their tokens. So far the only Crypto project close to implementing pegging into their scheme is Bitbay. A wise, but mandatory choice, because let’s face it, professionals wants security when it comes down to their wages.

The transactions in LH tokens will be listed in AUD/USD/EUR and GBP prices, which gives all parties openness and transparency. With Dapss created on several blockchains; ETH, Waves and Nem, users who are familiar with those currencies, can quickly join and participate.

Stage 2: LaborX Decentralized marketplace
In stage 2 the actual platform will come to live. Driven side-wide with LH tokens; because all buyers, sellers and workers will be compensated in LH tokens. A reputation system will guide employers to the large list of candidates and thus making it easy to find the perfect match!

Fields will have a broad recruitment system available, however professionals from the following fields will be their primary target; E-commerce, clean, warehousing, industrial, building and freelancers. With a wide range of freelancers already into Bitcoin and familiar with crypto currency’s made a wise choice targeting this professionals. Mainly because they can be an excellent tool to expand their platform to other fields and companies.

Edway Group Ltd.
The company and team members represent a valued and experienced team. Having the Edway Group Ltd. as their main founder we can see how their presentation so far is very professional. With over 400.000 customers the Edward Group served small and large customers. Founded in 2007 they rapid grow to a large company delivering over 1.000.000 people hours per year. Not surprising is that their expertise in construction is also one of the primary fields of

Initial Crowd Offering
The ICO started on 15 december 2016 and will end on 15 february 2017 (00.00 UTC).
Early birds are in for the following bonuses:
Day 1 - 30%
Week 1 - 20%
Week 2 - 10%
After that there will be no bonus

With stable tokens (fiat-pegging) the project looks very promising, since most projects target investors first and then users, but not Their main focus is to give their users; be it professionals or companies, a warm welcome on their platform. Giving them slick interfaces, price stability and transparency. With very much anticipation and excitement we are looking forward how they will execute their project plan.


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