QuiverX: Ferrum Network Staking

Staking within the platform will be the first functional application that will be made available and we couldn’t be happier to work with Ferrum Network! Their web-based staking app will bring flexible and strategic options to help you stake your QuiverX.

Staking on the QuiverX platform will give the investor the option to choose from 3 different staking pools: 2 months, 4 months, and 6 months. Rewards will be distributed as follows:
2 Months 33% APY
4 Months 52% APY
6 Months 74%APY

Each pool will have a start date and time and will be open for seven days with a minimum amount of 1000 QRX needed for those who wish to stake their coins. Staking till full maturity will offer maximum percentage rewards. Also if you stake till maturity you will receive additional rewards from those who withdrew early.

The staking pools will offer early withdraw options for added flexibility. Early withdraw will be allowed a quarter of the way through the maturity date, and will have an exact date and start time assigned so that you know when a withdraw will be approved. Although rewards are lower for early withdrawal, they increase linearly every day — past the early withdrawal date right up until full maturity. The longer you keep your tokens staked, the higher your rewards will be!

We will be coming out with more details as we get closer to launching the staking platform. Expect to be able to start staking your coins within 5–10 days!

More information on: https://quiverx.io/


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