B@nkcoin - Your world your money

In a world where there is a growing need for a more secure, efficient and faster way of exchanging products and services globally, digital currency is slowly but steadily carving out a sizeable space for its use. This is where the dream at Bankcoin.Global is being realized, with an increasing focus on a digital currency using sophisticated technology like blockchains or data coins.

Some of the services include:

B@ Crypto-currency exchange:

In this industry of electronic money, secure exchanges are a must. You can expect to acquire, transfer and exchange B@nkcoin (B@) and other electronic currencies existing in the market.

B@ Cryptomoneda:

Bankcoin.Global offers you its very own high security electronic money with which you can buy goods and services.


In the absolutely secure virtual store of Bankcoin.Global, you can buy products and services using your own electronic B@nkcoin (B @)

B@ Debit Card:

We aim at promoting the use of international debit cards that will allow you access to thousands of financial institutions worldwide.

B@ Point of Sale:

We will be designing points of sales for businesses that will allow you to market your products and services through the use of B@nkcoin and other digital currencies.

B@ Networking Plug:

Our platform at Bankcoin.Global focuses on interconnectivity for all your systems, video games, applications and others.

B@nkcoin offers the most secure platform for using different crypto-currencies


Waves Platform:

Waves is considered as revolutionary step in advancement of blockchains technology as it is a decentralized multi-purpose exchange platform.

It allows for the issuance, transfer and exchange of assets and fiat tokens which allow users to transfer fiat currency without the threat of market volatility.

B@nkcoin recommends the Waves platform as their emphasis is on KYC and AML (Know your customer and Anti-Money Laundering) to form more secure partnerships with banks.

Wave’s decentralized exchange is integrated with the desktop lite client, so one does not have to worry about listing on conventional and centralized exchanges. There will always be a designated place for holders to trade your token, right from the day you start.

Forging Alliances

Bankcoin.Global has forged several alliances with a view to bring the benefits of digital currency to the academic as well as the commercial sector apart from providing support for the development of new applications and specialized software.

One of the most notable agreements was with the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur, which developed and launched this project from the university itself.

Some of our other partnerships include the Chamber of Digital Commerce, which is the global leader representing the digital currency and blockchains industry. In the commercial space, right from telecom to the education sector, we have formed meaningful partnerships to bring the benefits to a larger collective.

Learn more:

Bankcoin.global website


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