BLOCKPOOL - Real World B2B Blockchain Solutions

BLOCKPOOL is a blockchain pool based on solutions for multiple business verticals. The solution chain provider delivers real world B2B business solutions for a diverse portfolio of customers. Their services range from Music, Arts & Media, Brands, and Sport applications. BLOCKPOOL infrastructure is founded on BPL token. Companies use blockchain technology provided by BLOCKPOOL to create brand products that demonstrate range of ideas that can reward the brand users.

For example IMAX Company applies blockchain technology to identify and reward riders using their brands within the targeted location. Using the technology, riders can use the app provided by BLOCKPOOL to check for incentives and rewards currently on offer. The process ensures both the rider and the brand company benefits. The company brand attains the targeted exposure with irreversible data analytics. BLOCKPOOL blockchain technology comprises of customized applications; facilitates mobile application; and wallet connectivity.

BLOCKPOOL blockchain technology enables customer brands to get exposure through sharing via social media; and introduction of time based reward system exposes brands around a wide range. Currently, BLOCKPOOL have recognized the potential of delivering various range of blockchain solutions to clients. The company offers services to institutions ranging from boutique lifestyle to Blue chip corporations. The company's blockchain technology has been developed for over five tears in the real world research; and development into smart contracts, applications builds to support B2B data workflow, and delegated networks. The company develops tangible solutions that help clients to adopt the mainstream market.

BLOCKPOOL has already engaged in various financial projects that deliver proof of operation concept, consultation and contracts procedures. The company procures contracts and briefs for finance, Music & Art distribution, Lifestyle Brands, Resale & Media, Gaming and Sport applications. The company staff is qualified and experienced in delivering globally scaled business plan that can restructure your business processes, provide secure and efficient transfers and transactions: reduce expenditures and provide huge cost saving strategies for data driven businesses. Smart data represents the future for businesses globally; and BLOCKPOOL is designed to offer effective deployment of structured systems to accomplish this goal.

BLOCKPOOL selling point involves a master chain created to support sales of projects, customized asserts and smart contracts. The company's token exchange campaign (TEC) supports sales by engaging technicians in currency donation in the token exchange page. The price of the item of sale is determined by the TEC closing date. TEC price recovery system ensures equal and fair percentage split based on the contribution received. The BPL staking rate is designed to limit moderates and supply where annual decrease per year must switch to fixed block reward thereafter. Holders of existing currency can participate by exchanging ADC for BPL. The ADC value increases during ICO by 5% and above when the market value is 100 during TEC. BLOCKPOOL reverses the right to add token to discounted rate and publishes details on their website for client to view. TEC participants use new crypto currency to supports the token exchange page.

The company simple desire is to make business more transparent and ethical; by ensuring their concept is validated globally. For unique innovative solutions, BLOCKPOOL is the best service provider.



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