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With so many cryptocurrency related thefts these days (especially with such a large platform that Bitcoin and all other coins are on), it's important to have the right security to defend your money and investment- but what if even that fails? Inchain has provided something never seen before in the cryptocurrency world to ensure that your losses will be mitigated, should it happen- insurance. Inchain has provided a unique service in the form of insurance for anybody wanting it, but you may be wondering- how does it even work and how much does it cost?

The most simple explanation is that Inchain has placed an ethereum contract that allows for almost completely autonomous operation, while still ensuring that almost nothing can mess with the contract in any way, shape, or form. It may even be more advanced than other forms of insurance, with all of the security that has been added in! Inchain has also planned to give out tokens to ensure that the platform itself is stable- similarly to a more popular token, Iconomi. Inchain will work as an asset that distributes part of profits earned from the platform to investors, thus granting investors a small passive profit. Inchain is perfect for those wanting to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolio or just for those wanting to hold tokens.

Investors can also vote to determine investment strategies - these are the choices that can be voted on for now:
  • Dividends paid to investors in the DAO?
  • Reinvestments made to the investment fund?
  • Additional liquidity reserves placed in cold storages for paying out bond coupons and insurance compensations.
Investment returns are spent on bond coupons and then dividends are paid to Inchain DAO investors. As with most newer cryptocurrency services these days, Inchain has, as you can see, involved the community as much as possible in order to make sure that whatever happens is wanted by the community- the most important decisions, like investments and profit distribution, are all resting in the hands of Inchain investors. It's your choice! Inchain has also planned several bounties and a ICO for investors to hop onto the train. 100 million tokens will be distributed in total, with 85 million distributed to users, and 15 million for core activities. There will be no set rate on how much of the Inchain token will be distributed to each user- it will be determined at the end of the ICO once distribution is set to begin- a perfect opportunity for those wishing to make a quick profit to get in. The bonuses for investors is as follows- note that there is no bonus in investing after day 21. You may invest at https://ico.inchain.io/register - you will need to sign up first.

Discounts  for early investors:

  • Day 1-7 20%;
  • Day 8-14 10%;
  • Day 15-21 5%;
Bounties will also be distributed as follows:
  • 250,000 for the Inchain Bitcointalk signature campaign
  • 350,000 for translation threads and maintaining national Inchain threads
  • 400,000 (200,000 for each) for joining the Inchain Facebook group and for following Inchain on twitter.
There are plenty of opportunities for those that don't even want to spend a penny on the platform itself, so if you want to get a foot in the door, now's your chance!

More information about the Inchain project can be found here


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