Matchpool Making Human Connections

Match pool is a decentralized matchmaking and dating protocol, which makes use of group dynamics in an effort to assist as many users as possible to find a partner.

This platform consists of user-generated groups of people. These groups can be seen as a cross in between Meetup groups and Slack channels, invite-only groups whose ownership and management is done by users acting as matchmakers. When joining the platform, there will be rules that the user has to follow.

The Matchlock feature maintains an equal ratio between Y and X so that each and every pool in the site remains attractive. If a specific number of X users gets into the pool, then this feature will halt more X from getting into the pool until an equal number of Y’s enter.

The Matchpool app will have an interface at the front end that will allow users to look for favorable pools in different places that have interests that vary. As they start, users will be shown a list of pools in their place, which is consistent with their specific interests and demographics.

There will be two categories of users in Matchpool. These will be hosts and joiners. Joiners who would like to get into a pool of their interest will have to pay a fee that should be defined at the creation of the pool by the pool’s host. Additionally, a monthly membership fee is payable to the pool. Every payment made will be contained in a smart contract that is Ether-based. These payments will then be processed by network own Guppies belonging to Matchpool. Inside the pool, members will socialize publicly via private channels.

Users can also play the part of a matchmaker or a host. The host opens a custom pool and gets dividends from its fees. Helpers or matchmakers are able to propose a match between two joiners that they see as viable partners. The joiners get informed of this and in the event that they accept, the occasion is added to their public notebook, and the helper gets a reward. The matchmakers and host have an entitlement to the ownership of the subscriptions of the pool and monthly subscriptions paid with GUP.

The first 200,000 users of Matchpool will get GUPs as a reward when they register.

Dapplets is another form of reward. Dapplets implement “Tinder” function where swiping of users through other users is allowed. For instance, if a game of blind date brings about an actual match, then developers of the Dapplet are rewarded like Matchmakers.

The platform will create a way for users to make money while having fun and finding love. Don’t miss this great chance to become part of something great.

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