Wings - DAOs Are The Future

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which is also known as DAO is run through a set of rules that have been encoded as computer programs. Wings has specifically been designed for the use of DAOs. In other words, Wings can be defined as a smart contract and multi block chain based platform, which can be used for creation, participation and management of DAOs.

Wings comes along with a variety of features, which have the potential to deliver an excellent support to DAOs. The support of popular block chains such as Bitcoin via Rootstock and Ethereum hold a prominent place out of it. On the other hand, people who subscribe with Wings will be able to implement AI-augmented assistance on top of leading instant messengers out there. While offering these innovative features, Wings tries to create a mass-market oriented DAO platform. They also want to be the owner of the most accessible DAO platform as well. With the help of Wings, both established companies as well as entrepreneurs will be able to launch their new DAO proposals without much hassle. That’s because the token owners of the platform would review the submitted proposals and get them involved in promising projects.

Conversational UX is another impressive functionality that is offered to the users of Wings. This feature is powered by Chatbots technology. Natural language communication has received much attention in the past and Chatbots has taken the maximum advantage out of it. Even leading companies in technological innovation such as Microsoft and Facebook have started creating similar solutions of their own. DAO interaction would take place in the form of a natural conversation through Chatbots. The users will also be able to control the member involvement of the DAO through instant messaging platforms.

No coding experience is required to use Wings and get the best out of it. The developers have paid special attention towards making the life easy for Wings users. Therefore, users can simply use the friendly interface without having any understanding about EVM coding languages such as Serpent and Solidity. You just need to be the owner of a smartphone in order to use Wings and manage your DAOs. Automatic participation is another impressive feature that is offered by Wings. This helps the members of the platform in order to deposit funds to a Smart Contract controlled wallet. Then they will be able to set up their preferred purchase settings and spend the funds as per it across multiple DAOs.

Large scale companies and entrepreneurs that are looking forward to launch new DAO proposals will be asked to go through a decentralized KYC process, which is followed by community voting. This method has the ability to minimize the amount of fraud activities that take place within the platform. On the other hand, it can create an ideal platform for the community members to focus on creating innovative products. Wings has a dedicated reputation system as well. Therefore, members who contribute and get a high rank will be able to launch new DAO proposals without much hassle. In other words, they will have to get a lower amount of votes when compared to others.

These are few of the prominent features that are offered by Wings. It can be summarized as a fascinating project backing social platform, which comes with an array of advanced features.

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