Autoria - A new paradigm in crypto

Autoria is a decentralized cryptocurrency. It is founded on the Ethereum blockchain platform. Autoria's standout feature is that it offers automatic mining. The rate of automatic mining being influenced by a well-founded mathematical formula that dictates the rate at which AUT is mined.


Autoria is pioneering to use automatic self-mining Technology. This will allow a transparent and an equitable token distribution model. Autorium's liquidity will be affected by the speed at which Ethereum blocks are created as well as initial distribution. Autorium's mining is centered upon a mathematical formula which has the progression of the Ethereum blockchain as one of its variables. This implies that mining of Autorium will take place within a year of its issue. WHY AUTORIUM.Autoria was founded by a team of experts dedicated towards development and maintenance of an independent economy. Systems have been placed to facilitate maximum currency utility during Autorium's mining and distribution processes.

With most currencies in play, today leaving users to set up and maintain their own infrastructure Autoria provides the platform during the early stages to drive demand and value added functions of Autorium. Autorium also helps in the development of developer and merchant services platforms, which serve Autoria's economic growth. Autoria also offers an aggressive currency exchange listing timeline. Autoria intends to remove the sensation of gambling from trading in Autorium by releasing its Mining Wells the Autorium micro-currency is circulated. This will ensure predictability of its liquidity and hence increase the volume of trade. Autorium's ICO is not old fashioned because of automatic mining hence there will be a fair distribution. With most micro-currencies suffering liquidity issues Autoria's founders are committed to ensuring AUT doesn't suffer liquidity issues.

This is first by ensuring if is based on Ethereum which controls a large percentage of the micro-currency market. This ensures that Autorium's price is always available during every exchange. Autoria has a well-founded strategic plan that wishes to ensure it accessible for trading at any time of the day. Plans are underway to pioneer a mobile app to ensure that on can place bids on Autoria from anywhere. This will also ensure its users pay with their phone while automatically while receiving loyalty discounts and merchant rewards.


The Autorium micro-currency is practical in all of Autoria's applications.Autoria offers to its users automated self-mining, usability, accessibility, Inherent Equitability, Exchangeability, being charitable and engaging in Development. Autoria plans to offer services such as;Listing on major currency exchanges to ensure liquidity of Autorium Phase I DAPPs and Services such as; An Autoria Lottery to ensure circulation of AUT, an Autoria Inverse Lottery to create and upset market interest in AUT and an Autoria Predictions Market a derivatives market to drive participation in the Autoria's economy Development and delivery of core merchant services and payment platform.


AUT is distributed in its mining wells in form of aqueducts which are proportional to total initial distribution balance and the evolution of Ethereum blocks after Autorium launch. The founders of Autoria offer confidence on the growth in AUT. Crowdsale funds will be offered for the development of an AUT ecosystem. Since Autoria is pioneering automatic mining it will be a good prospect to those who adopt it quickly. It has the makings of a game changer in the cryptocurrency world.

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