Aventus - Antifraud anti-scalping event ticketing on Ethereum

Ticketing is one of the biggest hurdles event organizers must face. When event or sports organizers release tickets, primary ticketing platforms like ticket masters use computer software known as hots to buy up tickets in large amounts causing tickets to be sold out Many genuine customers who were willing to buy the tickets are then forced to buy tickets from them at a higher cost than it was supposed. Moreover there has been counterfeiting of tickets from, this has discouraged many people from attending concerts and making event organizers to go into loses.

Aventus however has come to the rescue by sealing most if not all of these loop holes and creating a fair, secure and transparent ticketing solutions. Unlike most primary ticketing platforms Aventus completely removes the long chain of transactions and allows direct purchasing of tickets between the event organisers and the customers. This allows many people to get tickets at very affordable amounts. Aventus system will completely remove counterfeiting and reselling of tickets.

Wondering how?, buyers will be required to add personal information into it's systems. This will ensure that each buyers information is stored in it's systems. However if an individual would like to sell their ticket Aventus has systems that allows them them to sell their tickets but within a price range and sold to an unknown person.

And just like most smart contract systems the Aventus has its own token called the Aventcoin. This ensures the systems of the Aventus run smoothly. The Aventcoins are also used to promote an event and prove the legitimacy of an event. It's systems are created in a simple way that allows ticket buyers to easily convert their cash into crypto currency and event organisers to easily withdraw their cash. Aventus has ensured that event organisers get their cash well and protects the ticket buyers from counterfeit tickets and ensures they buy tickets at fair prices.


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