Review: BTC-e


  • Leverage trading (3:1) via MetaTrader 4, a professional Forex trading program I would stay away from this right now due to recent issues.
  • Very wide selection of markets: BTC, LTC, NMC, NVC, TRC, PPC, FTC, XPM, Euro, Rubles, USD, combined in various fashions but all linked through BTC.
  • 0.2% fee for most transactions
  • Very high liquidity (~10-20k BTC/day, ~150-300k LTC/day)
  • THE trollbox (constantly scrolling ridiculous chatbox to the right of the exchange. Full of trolling, virus-filled links, fake news, ridiculous proclamations, and so on; it’s pretty much 4chan lite filled with people who want to lie to you to make money. While generally useless, it is pretty fun, and they do pick up on real news very quickly as well. Utilize at your own risk–I used to have it open 24/7 and I read a bit occasionally.)


  • Very fast moving and jumpy during market movements–often leads the market
  • Trollbox provides fast updates, giving you news and fake news constantly
  • .2% fees is fine, easy to make and use an account


  • Fly-by-night. I have no clue who runs the exchange, neither does anyone else. It has had weird issues in the past. Check out the BTCTalk thread for more info.
  • Buggy website, doesn’t refresh prices or order book often enough for my taste. I use this 99.9% of the time instead, but it’s a little annoying.
  • moar troll


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