Review: is a website that provides information about online currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and NXT coin. When you enter the website it looks very clear what is good and makes it user friendly. The site has a nice soft and silent environment, which is needed for a website like this.

The website is quiet good supported and you will never find any problems like the website crashing or not loading. Also the website does not have a shoutbox which allows the users to share information, it will be a good idea to implement this idea in the future because this is a website that gives out information so being able to share information among the users would go well together. They do offer Facebook chat and commenting.

When you are at the homepage you see the menu with different options where you can choose from, this is handy for users like me who want a clear navigation. In the menu you can find information like what Bitcoin is, Bitcoin mining, comparing currencies and allot more. I was amazed how much information they provided.

This website is great for people who want to gain information about different currencies, especially when you are new to this. This website will explain the information in a easy and understandable way and at the same time it is not to long because people do not like to read long pages of text, since it will bore them easy which causes to them leaving. also makes use of different social media platforms. You can follow on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus and Pinterest. With these social media puts out the latest new of the Bitcoin about bitcoin and other currencies. This makes it allot easier for the people to follow the latest news on these currencies. You can find the links to these social media on the website of

Overall I will, without a doubt, recommend this website to people who are new to the online currencies and want to learn about them. This website provides with in-depth information and explains it in an easy way so everyone can understand it. This information is easy to find on the website, you can navigate easy through the content which is a must with websites like these. To make it even easier you can follow their social media accounts; this will keep you updated on the latest news. So this is definitely the website for you if you are looking for information about online currencies like Bitcoin etc. and/or want to stay up to date.


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