Dent: Tokenizing and Liberating the World's Mobile Data

In this age of technology and mobile devices, one of the most valued products is mobile data Mobile data permits the transfer of data from a cellular device to its respective carrier, allowing for the use of Internet services without Wi-Fi or the sorts. A very convenient commodity for phone holders, especially those who travel. Of course, mobile data is limited because of the ruling companies and the pricing can be strict and unpredictable at best for many users. However, DENT Wireless Limited has announced its plans to free the mobile data market from these economic giants. This revolution of the telecommunications industry is planned to work via the use of the brand new, global, and tradable cryptocurrency known as the DENT token, which encourages an active trading economy of mobile data Furthermore, this entire effort is being backed by a highly experienced team of mobile experts and entrepreneurs with a detailed white paper that includes technical views of their plan.

Background and Selling Points

DENT The entire DENT token will be formulated as a global exchange of mobile data throughout the Ethereum Blockchain. For context, a blockchain is a highly secured coding structure that keeps track of every transaction in the cryptocurrency market throughout a series of networks. This gives every competitor in the market a candid and unaltered look at the economy.

In this universal market of data, users can buy and sell data packages, as well as donate unused data to the market for DENT tokens. The telecoms carrier earns money This means if you end up with a surplus of spare data on any occasion, you can simply trade it in for free tokens. Another example, you are at a fast food restaurant and through the public Wi-Fi you buy whatever amount of data you need. The person who sold you the data earns DENT tokens, and you can continue on with your day. It is all international as well! This is an amazing democratic evolution of the mobile data market as users will no longer have to fear fluctuations of prices in their data bills and can trade said data freely among each other anonymously. This is all a system to very much trust as well, with the team consisting of members with 12 - 20 years of Telecoms experience and along with one of the co-founders "Mikko Linnamaki" also being the co-founder of "DOVECOT Oy". Using this new system, data users can finally own the data that they've paid for. Technical Views - DENT Detailed in 10.1 of the DENT white paper, DENT Wireless Limited will be a middle man themselves for the transferred data before it completes its journey to any telecommunications holders and vice versa. This hopes to establish a secure trade system between users, DENT, and the telecommunication industry. In 7 of the white paper, the company details in a pie chart that 30% of the released 1 billion tokens will be reserved to smaller budget users, while the remaining 70% will go to everyone else in the market.

The 30% being reserved is a huge step forward for poor or developing countries who previously had very limited access to data! Also listed in 7 is a basic timeline of the DENT token sale. Finally in 11.1 and 112, the white paper details how placed offers for packages in the exchanges can be split and activated between users in both a normal and roaming situation. Conclusion - DENT Overall, there are high hopes to be had for this new system. The fact that the mobile data market will be in possession of the users is a revolutionary feature that is sure to excite every one of the said users. With the democratic, simple, and anonymous trading features, the erasing of high-cost fees from carriers, the division of data to developing countries in need, and a specialized and experienced team of mobile authorities, DENT will surely make 2017 a pioneering year of the mobile data market. The DENT token sale begins on July 12th of 2017 where the 1 Billion tokens will be distributed.

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