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Crowdfunding platforms helps "Project Creators" to gather funds for their projects from various people around the world called as "Backers". In 2016, nearly 200 million worth cryptocurrency was raised through a method called as Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Creating and launching ICO campaigns was a hectic job since it required expert technical and marketing knowledge which is not present in every individual. But now an ICO is coming for Fundyourselfnow, a crowdfunding platform which was developed using the Block Chain Technology which allows Project Creators to raise funds for their projects using Cryptocurrencies without the need of technical knowledge.

Fundyourselfnow has addressed three major problems faced by crowdfunding platforms today. They are,

Lack of control of money once disbursed:
In existing crowdfunding platforms, Backers have very little control over the project as the money is disbursed to the Project Creators at towards the end of the crowdfunding process. When projects fail, most of the Backers don't recieve back any of the funds provided by them to the Creators.

Lack of Support/Mentors:
One of the main reasons why projects fail to get their funding or fail to deliver the project as promised is due to lack of support or expert knowledge. Many good crowdfunding projects also get put on hold or fail to gather the required funding due to lack of marketing support.

High Transaction Costs:
Traditional crowdfunding platforms charge high payment transaction fees. Kickstarter would typically demand upto 9% of the amount raised after including a transfer fees (3-5%) and listing fees of 5%.

Fundyourselfnow has addressed these problems and made the whole process a lot easier for Project Creators to get their innovations funded by global Backers. Regardless of you being a Project Creator, Backer or Helper, you can be involved with Fundyourselfnow. Its platform helps Project Creators to get their projects funded by Backers from around the world very quickly.

Easy Funding:
Creators create virtual tokens that allow Backers access to customised rewards. These tokens can be handed over to Helpers who have helped in the project. These tokens can be exchanged or sold in the internal marketplace. Fundyourselfnow even has an interactive project page which makes Project Creators posting information about their projects very easy.

Greater Accountability:
For Backers, projects can have milestone based payments backed up by Block Chain Smart Contracts. These Smart Contracts allows Backers to delay payments in case the project milestone has not been reached. They can even opt for a MoneyBack option in case of a failed project milestone.

Expert Thoughts from Helpers:
Fundyourselfnow allows Project Creators to seek help from the community for their existing projects. Project Helpers will be provided with Bounty Credits, which can be exchanged for Project Tokens which are generated during the project crowdfunding. Project Tokens entitles Backers to access the rewards listed on the project page. They will be allowed to trade through the internal cryptocurrency exchange, so helpers can eventually convert their tokens into virtual currency and even into cash if they wish to.

Low Transaction Costs:
Fundyourselfnow doesn't charge any transfer fees and will charge a 5% listing fees for each successful fundraising. A typical $10000 project will have fees upto $900 on Kickstarter but it will be as low as $500 on Fundyourselfnow, which is a significant 44% savings.

The Marketplace at Fundyourselfnow rewards the Helpers with tokens. It also helps in token trading between the Helpers and Backers. It also allows Helpers to convert their tokens into currency if they want to Support

The platform also helps Backers to search for projects. It even provides the users a Cryptocurrency Wallet which allows users to load up money into the wallet first and invest on projects later on without having to fill in their Credit/Debit Card details all the time You also get social rating and reviews for the projects which will help you in deciding about choosing your projects which you want to fund.

Summing up, Fundyourselfnow is the best in the Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding platforms that are available today. They are starting their Crowdsale on 13th June 2017 at 2.00 P.M. UTC +8 which offers investors to be a part of the latest platform of Crowdfunding.


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