InsureX - Blockchain-secured marketplace for Insurance

InsureX introduces the first cryptocurrency marketplace through their Bounty program for the trade and management of insurance. InsureX wants to carve an alternative path for the insurance process. Having to communicate with brokers and other middle men can be a long, tiring, and expensive process. Especially when you know what it is that you want but you must jump through 15 hoops first. InsureX is devoted to turning the insurance world into a much easier and happier place.


An easier way to trade insurance products safely and efficiently is now hitting the market with InsureX new program. This will allow users to cut out the middle man from all insurance related transactions. Reducing delays and stress during the painstaking process. Because of this new cryptocurrency you will not have to wait for your payments to be verified and confirmed. You make trades and exchanges in real-time with someone on the other end all ready to confirm.

They will be proving you a safe place to buy and trade insurance haggle free. On top of that they are releasing an easy to use platform for managing the process of policies, premiums, and claims. The platform is designed to bring brokers, insurers, and the other intermediaries all to one place. For a smarter, cheaper, and faster exchange. Also, you will receive notifications when new products are released into the market. Only being charged a small commission and membership fees. You are going to be paying way less than you used to.

Bounty Platform

The new bounty platform will allow you to buy, sell, and trade in real time. Completing transactions in a day rather than a week. You can view your portfolio and see existing or old transactions. Along with this they will have a live-view of the market to see the activity that is going on in different countries or regions. A combination of smart use of technology and delicate planning to bring a market that is filled with all the sources you require will save you time and money. InsureX remains the first Insurance Company to make use of cryptocurrency.


InsureX is introducing the Bounty program opening on July 11th, 2017 and ending on the 23rd. This program is aimed at reducing the cost and security of insurance trading. They will be releasing 500,000 IXT tokens (cryptocurrency) for this program. These tokens will be split up as follows:
• 20% Translation and Moderation
• 20% Blog and Media
• 15% Twitter Campaign
• 15% Facebook Campaign
• 30% Signature Campaign Each of these categories will abide by their own set of rules and terms.

This makes room for a chance to receive some of these soon to be released tokens. From posting a blog review to filling out forms on Facebook or Twitter there is a few ways to earn these tokens. Earning these coins will be the first step towards cheaper and safer trading.

If you want to be able to go to one place to access all your insurance needs, save money, and time then I highly recommend trying InsureX. Their new bounty program will save you your time and efforts when deciding on a new insurance product. Not to mention it is the safest way to complete a transaction.

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Author: HarryKPeters


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