openANX - Open Transparent Decentralized Exchange

The Centralized Exchange Model, has been in use for a long time and is the model that is in wide usage around the world. The Decentralized system proposed to be implemented by OpenANX aims at providing solutions for these challenges of the CEM model. The OpenANX system will therefore provide the benefits of the CEM model that is in current use without its challenges and with additional benefits for the users.

The main purpose of the OpenANX system will be to provide a platform on which customers can buy or sell their tokens or even exchange these tokens for other assets. However, the OpenANX system would have an advantage in that the clients would undertake most of their interactions online. This makes the system convenient. Moreover, it is also easy for the clients to monitor the performance of their assets and the performance of the stalk market. Therefore, the clients can make decisions on their assets on a short notice and depending on the trends of the exchange market. One of the main benefits that the OpenANX system possesses is the ability to calculate the risks involved on various investments for the clients.

The OpenANX system will keep record of all the fluctuations in assets and market value of the assets of various companies. This will allow the company to compute the current and past trends of these assets thus enabling prediction of future asset trends. Therefore, before making the decision to purchase the shares or other financial assets or to make investments in given companies, the clients of OpenANX would possess information on whether the company is likely to perform well financially in the future. In most instances, investors make decisions based on the current performance of a company and this poses a risk due to uncertainty of future performance.

Risk prediction as a function of the OpenANX system allows investors to make more informed capital decisions thus reducing the risk of failure of investment. This makes the OpenANX a replacement of choice for the CEM system under popular use in financial markets across the globe. Lastly, the openANX system will also incorporate a dispute resolution system that will allow disputes within the system to be resolved quickly and to the satisfaction of all parties involved. The openANX system contract an outside mediator that serves as a third party fulfilling the mediation role to allow the disputing parties to come to a quick and amicable dispute resolution.


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