Orocrypt - Digitized precious metals

Orocrypt is a new company based in Panama. Orocrypt is a new concept that came about to give you alternative ways of saving in gold and other precious metals. The company is an investment company and is issuing tokenized tokens in precious metals as shares. The sale of the tokenized shares has started since 14th of June, 2017 and will last for 30 days. Orocrypt Inc is being managed by experienced professionals that have so many years of experience in banking, taxation, and other financial fields. They will use their wealth of experience to secure your investment and guarantee returns to the shareholders.

The first product of the company according to their white paper is Gold. Gold has a stable market value; its value rarely depreciates rather it keeps appreciating every day. The Orocrypt Inc share tokens (oroc) will represent about 30 grams of LBMA quality gold in the final quarter of 2017. These tokens will be originally known as Orocrypt gold tokens (ORO.G). They plan to register their tokens on Ethereum blockchain and allow the owners to store them in Ethereum wallets making them transferable. In this form, they can be traded on open markets and can be converted into physical gold through a very simple redemption process. The physical that Orocrypt is trading will be stored in several vaults around the world to mitigate against risk from governmental shutdowns that can jeopardize this investment.

The company is offering for sale a total of 1,112,000 shares divided into Class A and Class B. The major difference between the two classes is only in the right to vote and conversion. Class A gives you one voting right compared to Class B that gives you 10 voting right but both will have same economic benefits. Class A will eventually be converted to class B. To participate in buying the shares you will first register. The registration will be in line with regulations guiding the financial industries such as KYC and anti-money laundering regulations. This entire requirement will be made available to you upon indication of interest to register. To participate rush now to their website and register, early registration will attract some discount for you Those registering the first week will get about 5% discount, the second week 2%. Each share token (Oroc) will be selling at Euro 9, no fractional shares; all must be bought in multiples of Euro 9. Intending investors can pay in bit coin, Euros, and ether.

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