Review: is a online gambling website where you can play only one gambling game and that gambling game is roulette. The design is easy and practical but it looks a bit boring to be honest. But on the other hand it makes the site practical; very clean and neat too. And th website is pretty good and easy to navigate through, which is perfect since all focus is on the roulette.

Provably fair

The main and most important thing is there. Playing on CoinRoulette is Provably Fair .In our line of work where technical improvements are mandatory, CoinRoulette did their job implementing a standard but essential feature.

The server seed for this game was: bfffaa7cfc8fde325e730a0c5f465a146f2692187993cfd65c9b138bd63b9891
The client seed for this game: 4c4df259a47aa83f96f27d9a04a9e4947b175729680decfde3a49622dbab6c49

After checking this, all data was correct, which gave me enough confidence to start a game.


It's easy to start playing. Just deposit Bitcoins or Altcoins (which ShapeShift accepts) and you are ready to go. Yes you read it well. CoinRoulette accepts other coins then bitcon and it's one of the better things of CoinRoulette for sure. Many people hold other crypto coins; websites and especially gambling sites in general seem to forget about this. Which is quite a shame. For bitcoin the same applies for altcoins; the process of depositing is very easy and fast. No long waiting time, but close to instant deposits. Which is a must have these days. People will not wait anymore and while there are some gambling sites were you will have wait quite some time before the coins finally reach your account, CoinRoulette made sure to provide you with speed.

The website

The connection of the website is pretty good and problems like the website being slow or crashing did not happen with me..,it did experience some kind downtime with the website being offline. Towards support I miss some features. No chat or a trollbox, or a option to contact the admin/owner if you have some questions.


What I miss about this gambling website is that you can only play roulette, but I guess that it was the intention to make it a roulette website only. I think that they could attract more people if you could play different kind of gambling games. But for regular roulette players, this may be the only roulette site for bitcoins available. Focussing primary on roulette attracts special gamblers and having a niche market can make it very much worth their while. When I played my rounds it almost felt like in the casino. their graphical designers and programmers made it possible the player get the same user experience as in an actual casino. Good job on that. The navigation panel got the option to see all bets and your own bets, which is handy to see if you are the only one winning or losing ;)

Withdawals charges 0.2 mBTC for withdrawals which is far less then i've seen on many others casino's and yes the withdrawal was instantly sent and received in my wallet.


So overall I can recommend this gambling site to people who really like to play roulette and only play roulette, because that is the only game that you are able to play. And if you got any Bitcoins or Altcoins make sure to try out Their site is quite new but they now how the game is played. Giving users an ultimate form of statisfaction by having a provably fair and user friendly website.


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