So… First off, I am thankful that I have found the site It is pretty good looking and… it helped me make some bitcoins! You just deposit a certain amount of your bitcoins and you can go betting them to win more bitcoins by placing bets. Withdrawing your bitcoins and betting them is a really simple process… So thumbs up for structuring everything well and good enough for any kind user; be it a new user or a long time player. For example you can choose between the manual bet system and the auto bet system… For anyone new into bitcoin gambling, this site offers great tutorials and a user friendly „How to play“ section, explaining the games they offer with some fancy examples. A compliment for the owners of the site.

Many altcoins

Anyway… I seem to only talk about Bitcoins. But on Crypto Games you can also bet your Dogecoins, Litecoins, Gridcoins, Peercoins and many more. A good thing is that there’s a variety of games to play. While I do prefer the dice games, Crypto Games also have a slot system, blackjack and even a lotto game. On Crypto Games you can play a diversity of games, whilst having an easy and good time spending on the website. But if you encounter any kind of problem, you can contact the Crypto Games support employees. For me personally it is a great thing that Crypto Games offers their support via a special page And offfer direct support by e-mail.

The Jackpot

Like any gambling site comes with a jackpot! The rules to win the jackpot are not hard:
You can win the Jackpot if your dice bet meets the following criteria:
- Your dice roll is 7.777 or 77.777,
- Your dice roll is a winning roll,
- Last two digits of Dice BetID are 77.

You receive 100% of the jackpot if your risk amount is above 0.005 BTC, 0.2 ETH, 0.5 LTC, 0.5 DASH, 10000 DOGE, 500 GRC, 200 GMC, 5 PPC or 50000 PlayMoney. If you bet below this amount you will receive only a proportionate share of the jackpot, but minimum of 1%.

The overview is good; showing everyone how much every user wins and loses. Transparency is key and it tells that Crypto Games cares about transparency. I am referring to this because, there are a lot of fishy gambling sites where you are guarenteed to lose. It’s not just one sided that I can assure you, I have also made some bitcoins by myself by playing on their website. Offcourse i had to find the settings and play style for myself, but then it was working perfectly fine! Getting your play style together is mandatory and the „Your bets“ tab was very helpful. I was able to review the past bets and make an assumption on what would go best for the next time I played. Either way, to wraps things up… I do recommend this website. Why don’t you try it? is the best gambling site when it comes to altcoin gambling.


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