Crypto Mixer

A first glance
I like the layout of the website it's fresh and responsive, at the first sight I thought it was just a simple mixer but when I looked further and saw how it works, i have to say that I was amazed. is working pretty nice and they also have implemented a nice dashboard.

Crypto Mixer The Layout
The design is modern and was very easy to understand. Nice and easy with just a few tabs which gives the user a great outlook and overview. I have to say that I like their design way better then Bitmixer (their competitor). I gives more trust and looks more professional. While goes with an outdated non appealing design.
Another nice thing of this mixer is that it also has a estimated fee calculator so you know how many bitcoins you get after fees: Transparency at it's best!

How does it work
They are having a nice explanation about how it’s working on their website. Their howto is easy to understand and straightforward. explanation makes it easy for newbies and advanced users. In essence the mixer works like any other mixer. Sent your coins to Address A, and from Address B you will get paid your your Address (C).

Crypto Mixer Overall experience
The overall experience I had with is very good, the fact that you can calculate and see your service fee makes it transparent. I also like how they have made the mixer itself, it’s easy to understand with the layout it has and it’s also very easy to deal with. For this review i mixed a few coins and I receivedmy bitcoins fast because I had set the time delay on the minimum of 1 hour just to test it for you people, the service fee I used was 0,5000%, it’s the lowest service you can pick. I’m very satisfied with this new Bitcoin mixer and I’m also going to use it more often in the future, the only downside for me was that it only has a delay of the maximum of 24 hours, I would like if this could be set to a higher number. For people that are on the deep web I can also recommend it because they are having a (dot)onion link so you can do it on a safe way without going public. I've tested the (dot) onion link and site and it’s working without any problems.

Taking this all in account my mark for is a strong 8.


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