SpacePirate: Age of Rust

With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency, game manufacturers have created games which use the blockchain technology and included tokenization support for in-game payment features. SpacePirate: Age of Rust is a SCI-FI role playing game based in a futuristic intergalactic dystopian universe. The game uses cryptocurrency for game tokens and game cards which can be used in the game as A digital currency to enhance gaming experience.

What are RustBits and RustChains?

RustBits are blockchain tradable tokens which will act as in game currency and fuel.A limited supply of RustBits will be available and unsoldRustBits will be burned to create new RustChain cardsfor the game.The tokens will be put on a swapbot at Tokenly and the unsold RustBits being burnt at the end of sale.

RustChain cards are blockchain game cards which can be collected and used during the game play as well as traded outside the game.These assets can be used by players to enhance gaming experience during game play. Cards will be used to upgrade player abilities or to award special items.


There will be four RustChain cards:

CARD 1: Rogue Mech — Only 1200 issued
CARD 2: Forgotten Wasteland — 2000 issued
CARD 3: The Bounty — 5000 issued
CARD 4: Ghost Pilot — 6000 issued

The players do not require any bitcoins to play the game and even stand a chance to win bitcoins during solving puzzles in the game. The developers designed the game so that it is not a "Pay-to -win" game and players have to depend on their gaming skills to solve puzzles and win. While some clues and upgrades can ease up the difficulty, the players need to figure out the puzzles themselves. The players can buy things in the game, but these are not required to win.

The developers have provided Two-factor authentication to protect players online accounts and withdrawals from unauthorized persons. The tokens are protected by Two-factor authentication from Authy with an easy to use app on smartphones easing up the authentication process.
The initial token pool has been divided in the following manner: 100,000,000 Tokens.
70,000,000 in ICO sale
15,000,000 in Campaign
15,000,000 for Development
Unsold tokens will be burnt on June 22nd.

Sales Breakdown:

RustBits will be sold from June 26th till July 31st with the weekly breakdown as follows:
WEEK 1 : 100,000 Rustbits per BTC
WEEK 2 : 85,000 Rustbits per BTC
WEEK 3 : 75,000 Rustbits per BTC
WEEK 4 : 65,000 Rustbits per BTC
WEEK 5 : 50,000 Rustbits per BTC

RustChain Distribution Breakdown:

RustChain cards created and distributed by burning RustBits tokens. RustChain cards will be distributed between August 1st and September 30th. The Weekly breakdown of distribution is as follows:

WEEK 1 : Cards(1-4) — 3000 RustBits ea
WEEK 2 : Cards(1-4) — 4000 RustBits ea
WEEK 3 : Cards(1-4) — 5000 RustBits ea
WEEK 4 : Cards(1-4) — 7000 RustBits ea
WEEK 5+ : Cards(1-4) — 9000 RustBits ea
Unsold RustChain cards will be burnt on September 30th.

A majority of the game development is already complete, with development starting last year and beta testing and final game play to be done by the latter part of 2017.

Learn more:

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