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A pioneering marketplace with a network of entrepeneus and freelancers coordinated by Starbase is ahead. The launch of Starbase in Q4 2017, is going to do end hassles and a long waiting time for entrepreneurs. Starbase gives complete solution for new ideas making it the place for kickstarter or ICO projects. Because it is not just with capital to fund new innovative ideas which are needed. It is also important to create an environment to ensure completion of the novel projects and provide a healthy atmosphere. The eco system of Starbase is superior to the classic funding by equity and debts options we have today. Having stated that, there are other platforms like the Wings Project which target the same market and are ahead in building a likewise platform.


Snapshot of Starbase business model

The business environment proposed by Starbase is going to be entirely on the internet bringing real value to all participants. The two major stakeholders of the model are termed as core team and support team.The core team, fundamentally industrialists and business ventures is funded by the support team, the investors.The uniqueness of the Starbase includes new crowdfunding and crowdsourcing with bonus for early entry, earlier rewards and liquidity through cryptocurrency exchanges. Lucrative and ongoing financial support for the projects will see the completions through. All participants will transact with takens, a blockchain cryptocurrency of Starbase which may be retained in wallets of Starbase and that of others. These tokens can be traded in crypto exchanges as well.

Pros and Cons of the new business environment

Foremost benefits come from the professional rating of the core teams by Starbase.This helps the support team to make prudent investments. Early investments will get them bonus tokens too. Star escrow wallet accounts for the core teams increases the trust for the support teams and encourages investments.

Core teams issues tokens initially and can benefit from crowdfunding and crowdsourcing supported by Starbase. While core teams may extend the fund rising duration, they may also augment the funding by selling new tokens for the expanding project scope. Outperforming core teams can even buy back the tokens. After due diligence core teams may use the marketing by Starbase for crowdsale.

Non blockchain participants are also welcome with Star Accounts to participate with other crypto currencies. Blockchain form of funding uses the best of the technology for protection and rapid transmission at least cost.

The Governments are relieved from the commitment to promote industry growth, to an extent by Starbase. Having listed some of the benefits of the new eco system, it is also relevant to take a look at the other risks and concerns. Since the proposed system is not monitored or governed by any country's specific law, there are possibilities of overruns and losses in certain projects. The autonomous stand taken by Starbase in respect of taxation may not be acceptable to controlling economies. Valuations of the projects and the investments may not get recognition for further funding by Banking systems. Core teams have to depend on third parties to do ICO of the tokens, which is like listing in stock exchanges.

Summing up, minor modifications may be made to the model on need basis, however it is a futuristic approach to encourage investments and support new ventures.


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