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As currency markets continue to show more unpredictability, digital crypto currency is increasingly being looked at as an alternative for many investors. In fact, in the last year alone, interest in bitcoins and Ethereum has increased by up to 600%. Many organizations have come on board to take advantage of the growing interest in digital coins. Monaco Technologies is the latest company to join the fray. Starting May 18, the company launched the Monaco ICO (Initial Coin Offer) to customers using their Visa card. Apart from the conventional methods of transactions, the Visa card will facilitate transactions with the use of Bitcoins.

The Monaco Visa card App comes with an application on your computer or smartphone. It works like any other Visa card, except for the crypto currency capability. It works on the Visa network, meaning that the card is accepted universally. However, the use of Bitcoins, Ethereum and other tokens makes it a more convenient and affordable way of doing your transactions. For starters, it enables you send and spend money anywhere in the world at great interbank exchange rates. When doing your transaction using bitcoins or Ethereum, Monaco Visa card helps you to avoid the interest rates that you would otherwise be charged by a bank. This helps you to save up to 40 euros for every 500 euros you spend.

Customers who own bitcoins or any other crypto currency are allowed to top up their cards using those coins. Furthermore, the ongoing Monaco ICO offers customers the chance to buy millions worth of crypto currency which they can use for their transactions. With your bitcoins, you can be able to make transactions without ever being concerned about currency exchange rates or any other bank charges.

Furthermore, transactions with people who also have the Monaco card will be facilitated. If you are sending money to someone who owns the card, you can do the transaction fast and easy, without any charges whatsoever.

Getting an account with Monaco is also quite easy. The app is simply downloaded from their website to your PC, from where you can open an account within three minutes. Monaco has maintained an app that is quite easy to use and to understand. Whenever you swipe your Visa card to send or spend money, the transaction reflects immediately on the Monaco app, letting you see the balance that remains after the deductions.

The good thing about crypto currency is that with the ever increasing interest from people, the value of these currencies is also on the rise. For people who are interested in a long term investment, it would be advisable to take advantage of the Monaco ICO.

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