The Mysterium Network

The Problem: If you are like everyone else who spends a lot of time on the internet then you would have heard about recent decisions that have taken away internet users' privacy rights. These decisions have allowed different Internet Service Providers to track you and your use of the internet, gather your private information then sell that to whomever will pay their asking price. Many internet users have responded by opting to use VPNs to protect their privacy but all that has done was to move private information from centralized Internet Service Providers to centralized VPN providers. Not much actually changed.

The Solution:

A group of internet wizards decided to take action and set up what is called the Mysterium Network. This network is designed to take information and power from the big corporations and place it back in the hands of the internet user through a peer to peer interface system This network is actually a give and take marketplace which is supported by blockchain technology. The network offers higher levels of encryption and security that the centralized networks can't or won't provide giving privacy back to internet users. This peer to peer interface includes those transactions that require a payment method to complete

The Currency:

Because this is going to be a marketplace for peer to peer transaction a crypto currency is being developed to help fund all transactions and fund the providers. This crypto currency is a bit like bit coins and are called Myst tokens. These tokens will be given as a reward to anyone who has spare bandwidth and joins the Mysterium network as a VPN node provider. To initially obtain these tokens there was a pre-sale May 30th and the proceeds from this sale will be used to help launch the network as well as support its development. Part of this development is in the attitude of flexibility. The mysterium system will be open to receive different apps that will make censorship a thing of the past while making it easier to make payments as well as more efficient.

The Competitive Nature:

According the Mysterium website's whitepaper, this network is viewing competition as a vital ingredient in making this marketplace work. They want other VPN providers as well as other app developers, to buy in and make it part of their solutions. The competitive attitude should come naturally as Mysterium has an open market mindset coupled with the simple way people can earn money by becoming their own VPN provider.

The Motivation:

The main motivation for this new internet marketplace is of course monetary but that is not the only motivation that drives the founders in constructing this new decentralized VPN service. The fact that many nations practice internet censorship and bars certain people from obtaining the information they are seeking has played a large role in developing this alternative to ISPs and centralized VPNs.

Another reason has been discussed earlier. The same governments, mainly the US, have allowed private corporations to invade the privacy of its citizens and capitalize on the internet users' ignorance and sell the private information it can collect.

Will this new marketplace be effective and survive? It is hard to say as it will depend upon how easy the system is and how many people are interested in making crypto money. It will also depend upon if the internet users share the same outrage as the Mysterium founders.


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