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BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE) can be described as the new era in advertisement. Founded in 2016, the start up is a revolutionary idea that rivals the traditional on-line advertisement business dominated by the likes of Google and Zuckerberg's Facebook. A platform that eliminates the need for a middleman between enterprises and their customers. Some of the description and details of BitClave in their recently released white paper are highlighted below.

A brief history of blockchain

Our currencies are moving toward digital era along with us. Cryptocurrency is the form of currency which cannot be touched. One can store them in the form of digital data. When we talk about Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is striving to become the leading cryptocurrency among other Cryptocurrencies. The person named Satoshi Nakamoto developed Bitcoin in 2008. Bitcoin can be merchandise by various platform available there. Due to high in demand, the value of Bitcoin increases tremendously since 2008. Earning of Bitcoin can also be performed by various methods, the most reliable one is mining of Bitcoin. Mining of Bitcoin requires a Hardware to consume electricity and generate Bitcoins. Least count of Bitcoin is known as Satoshi.

The blockchain

BitClave finds faults in the existing system and pulls no punches in calling it overly expensive ineffective. How so? Firstly, they argue that there is no assurance that the advertising traffic generated is from 100% genuinely interested potential buyers or from bots. BitClave as well sees no need to promote ones products through offline methods characterized by a generalized targeting and end up with poor conversion rates. The billions paid to these advertisers only contributes to increased cost that is passed down to the consumer.

BitClave eliminates the position of middlemen through smart contracts created using activity ledgers. BitClave, led by CEO Alex Bessonov a former chief security officer at LG and his team seeks to introduce a system that overhauls the mufti-billion advertisement industry. A system that exposes consumers interested in the service to direct offers by the sellers. There are landmark gains for the consumers as they are able to decide on whether or not to engage with a retailers advertising and analytics by using smart contracts. Consumers are also granted the unique opportunity to earn from viewing these promotions.

Users will easily earn money even without eventually buying a product by simply clicking on an online advertiser whoso ideal profile of a customer matches the user. The user is then credited with consumer activity tokens from the advertiser , the user can use these Cats to purchase commodities where they are accepted Sellers will benefit as well through advertisement to an audience that is targeted characterized only but those matching their ideal of a potential customer. This way no money is wasted on so many but irrelevant advertisements.

The Bitclave system is keen on protecting the privacy of its users. This is made possible from the fact that there is a firsthand promotion to consumers this is not the case with existing advertisers as they monetize their user details to companies. Bitclave is also about penetrating the industry dominated by giants such as Alibaba and users data is stored in an unhackable blockchain boasting maximum security by simply giving the power to the consumer to pick and go ahead to establish a smart contract with the online retailer, who are the only ones that can access the users information giving the consumer ultimate control and privacy over their information.

Bitclave will be running a highly anticipated initial coin offering campaign on July 25th. Bitclave will be seeking to raise funds for initiating its venture. It invites investors to believe in them through this opportunity and buy tokens

The Bitclave active search ecosystem is an innovation which if gains exponential popularity will give traditional online advertisers a run for their money.

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