Silent Notary - A innovation in Crypton

Silent Notary is a decentralized blockchain service that helps you see the industry from a new and innovative perspective. Right in the heart of this service is a plethora of categories, which the company operates with. This can be found in the likes of Twitter, Facebook, publications, signature campaign and just to mention a few. Customers will get Bonus shares in return after completing certain tasks. Five-percent revenue of ETH is distributed to participating members at the end of the ICO. The ICO distribution is with respect to the proportions of each category's allocation.

One amazing thing that you should know is that the ETH from every campaign and shares generated in each event category cannot be combined together. To fund several ideas and developments, most crypto currency services often make use of ICOs. It is a method that helps to distribute the coins rather than mining them initially.

Why is the Silent Notarydoing an ICO?
Well, the company is currently engaging in ICOs for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons the company is engaged in doing an ICO is to ensure that tokens spread properly to potential members of the system.


Another great reason is to raise cash or crowd fund the event of the company's primary project. After marketing ICO tokens, there is every opportunity for members to make a profit. When the tokens from the company are directly usable by additional potential customers within the project's system, the expertise will be painless. This means that additional potential users will guarantee that distribution remains sure through the system. Sending files, chatting, messages and even accessing your apps will not be any problem when using the Bonus service. This is because the system is a complete automated platform that you can rely on, time and again.

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